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  Ultima Online Origins  Dreamt: March 4th 2005
  Was thinking what it would be like if I could go back in time to the day Ultima Online first came out.

Knowing everything I know now what choices I would make, Of course I would have worked poisoning to GM when it was easy during beta. My imaginations were quite vivid that it would be an improvement to know every house plot. Every guild plot twist, every template. To be able to PvP and have a perfect connection when everyone else was on dialup. Knowing every patch and publish, rare and when it would become rare.

Contemplated what would it be like to tell my best friend in real life about each and every secret and get him going in UO on the first day. Explain how to train each skill and become, in that world, 3LL__ (never learned to spell that word correctly).

Arrived back at the “macro pit” which, in my imaginations, appears to look like a barn. Inside the barn are several doorways. Outside the doorway where you go in she was sitting reading something. She looked at me,

“You’ll have some things to sign when you get here” she told me. Sitting on a chair her hair pulled back a deep rich red.

I answered, “Yeah, they caught me.”

She continued, “I helped you the second time. With the credit card info.”

I answered, “thank you.” Wondered how she could speak on my account for me considering she was only in the UO party with me at the time.

Starting to really notice her and the dream began to fade…

Remember wrinkling my forehead and shaking myself straight out of slumber asking a question which since I did that couldn’t be answered,

“Kellie, what are you doing here?” Shock of the tension in my forehead woke me up softly.



A guy never needs a great excuse to like any girl. And, I like Kellie. But, honestly, only say like to avoid the obvious criticism. Part of me loves Kellie, and part of me obsesses, part humbly preserves distant feelings. I do thank God I remember things which from neglect, mayhap could have been forgotten.

Strange thing is, I don’t talk about it. She never “comes up” which is part of the joke of the dream. Even in the plurality of dreams she’s mostly a stranger.

The question was really more of timing. What I meant by the ending was, “why am I dreaming about you (now)” and why can I see exactly what you look like now and when I open my eyes only remember how you looked.

Meeting Charlsie Bryant at the YMCA probably sparked this, because she was someone I knew in High School with her. And I met that kid who was Christie’s brother there too.

The last relevant part is, upon waking, I looked down at my sleeve of my red collared shirt. The red shirt I had asked my (ex) girlfriend to buy me because I like red. I like red so much because a girl I once liked had red hair. (She’s pretty as a brunette too; the color’s not the important thing).

If I were to ask myself, the “important thing” would just be that you were here. That cannot be a bad sign, “even in the wizarding world Harry”.

March 04, 2005.



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