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  Wandering my dreamland  Dreamt: Feb 9th 2005
  Nothing much was going on wandering my dreamland.

Was in a classroom with students studying a math problem we had been given for homework. The issue came up that I had not done my homework. Someone in the classroom had noted that depending on which number one chooses for “x” the response would turn out differently.

Let’s skip to the Jamie part.
Leading her around to take her to her classroom. Helping her find what class she was meant to go to. She choose to sit in the front row of the math class. Another person sitting in the chair next to her. It was just some guy. Pushed this person away until it was just her and I in the same chairs. She didn’t leave which rather surprised me. Looked at her and said, “I guess I’m just a little jealous. Her lack of response to this was actually a very good sign.

Walking Charlesland this enormous Spanish guy grabs me asking, “Do you know what to do if someone punches you in the belly?” The guy had muscles in his arms, his stomach. Wanted to ask, “You have done a sit-up or two.” That seemed to be a joke he had probably heard before.

… Before I had met this man there was a child playing on a playground. The problem with the playground at Austin Peay was that the swing set was entirely too high. Children using the slide could simply be fall off 290 feet to their death. I mention to a nearby girl I’m with it is very dangerous thing to have a high swing set. She seems to understand somewhat.

… Before this, had met this girl near a tree. Walking up toward the tree and wished to do a flip using the branch there. Planted both my hands firmly on the branch. Using the height of the branch I successfully did a front flip landing on my feet.

She said, “Wow, that’s a strike!” I queried, “What is a strike?” She, who was Marie La-Valley from college, the really cute girl/model. Anyways, she said, “Yes, when you do something which is better then someone on the (cheerleader) squad that is considered a strike. I was happy a girl was talking to me and happy about doing something athletic. So I began walking with her.

… Before this I was inside a nuclear power plant. It was going to explode in about oh, 20 minutes. Scientists were trying to prevent the explosion by looking for warnings about radiation levels. Asked someone, “If the blast is immanent, then, what is the point if we evacuate, we’re going to die here as well as anywhere else”. The person agreed. I considered it a good time for a half hearted prayer to God for remission of any sins committed.

Arrived at the power plant after coming from the hotel. The hotel I broke into and was staying at. It was great to be crashing at a motel. You get to eat all the food from the mini-bar. There is an ice machine and a snack machine. Everything one could want when living away from home. I guess I like motels. Well, no one had caught me yet but the FBI was on my trail.

The FBI was on my trail because I was snooping around this power plant. I was just curious what was there. Then, went into another “no entrance” zone and there was sirens, and cops were coming. There was a gate and an electro magnate force field which would keep me from going out. Actually I could go out but going through the field would immediately let the cops know where I was. Having no time I run through the field and run and run, hoping not get to be caught for all my crimes. Eventually arriving at town.

Am so bored. Decide to walk to where the (Ultima Online Game) Harrower spawns. It is a little out of the way. You have to walk thorough a few doors. But for the most part no one ever goes there. It is a field large and wide in the distant corner of the map. There is a great Ridge overlooking a central basin. The harrower spawns in two forms: the tentacled form and another which walks around.

One has to walk through doors: Am opening the door to the building and someone gets in my way. They are wearing a nametag and say, “Heh, Are you Magik?”

No that part doesn’t happen yet; this person says, “Heh.”

I say, “Heh, just bored going to check out the spawn and get familiar with it. My guild never comes here; I figure we should just hang out here to get familiarity with the area.”
The person agrees somewhat. Then behind him another player from another guild arrives. This member is also wearing his nametag. I decide to ignore this and enter the building.

Two UOF people stand in front of the door to the auditorium. One person has a long headset wire going from his ear to his pocket. The other has a headset ear bud goes to his opposite pocket. Magik says, “I am just here to see the spawn”. They concede to allow me to pass. The hall is filled with UOF Members gathering to do the “harrower” There is music playing, a piano, and a celebration. Some well groomed guy comes up and says, “Heh, You’re Magik, I just wanted to thank you.” and shakes my hand. He continues walking and I know he was only being sarcastic. He was thanking me for all the times I’ve died to their characters.

Realizing the guild UoF is doing a harrower. If I can follow secretly and get my hits in I would be rewarded. UoF is blocking the doorway entrances. Magik, a mage, alone cannot get secretly attack a harrower with a large crowd of UOFers that will be doing the harrower sitting in the audience.

It occurs to me, “Just get your ninja”. So turning to the door and I ask to leave. There is a moment of uncertainty for the door keepers, for it is not like any of their members to ever ask to leave the performance. Half-wittingly point out that I’m not in their guild and they let me go away.

Solving a problem which wasn’t really that difficult by getting my ninja and stealth-ing in frog form. The problem was that when I walked over someone I would become revealed. So I would have to stand very near a late arriving UOFer and go near the door and go through when they opened it.

I turned to look outside and sure enough there was someone coming from the Art building late to the meeting. wondered why anyone didn’t kill me in real life the way they do in games. I figured I was just too small a target for them to consider.

Musicians playing on a stage: people, girls, women, men seated quietly. Even saw Summer Breeze in real life knew it was him from his white circular wizard’s hat. Which I assure you is somewhat ridiculous in real life.


It may be difficult to understand. UOF is the face of pure evil in Ultima. Even in real life the UoF guild would be a source of tension and eventually collision. It may seem an obsession. And, in all honesty I like playing evil characters. I love playing evil characters. I love murdering innocents in games. I like violence. But evil and violence must be an individual choice. When any organization builds itself upon evil principal it must be taken down.

Final morale and quote:
There is nothing I enjoy more than being evil except destroying it.

scamming, exploiting, killing newbies, dragging paragon Balrons over to
someone’s pet and watching them die. Exploiting game mechanics.
Stealing, being places I’m not suppose to be.

but ironically, give me the opportunity to fight these forces and my determined power and dedication are far stronger, and ultimately winning.

2nd moral and quote:
I do love a girl named Jamie. She is the coolest person in the whole world. It would be enough for me to know that she knows I’m jealous for her. “Life’s like this.”



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