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  War was upon us  Dreamt: Sept 21,2005
  War was upon us. We were in a great chasm...

I was
The monsters owned the amusement park. They trapped people and made them work there who entered. The ghosts laughed and berated a new young hapless child who had entered. They sang a song about how they owned them. They put his picture on a wheel with pictures and the pointer naturally landed on the boy as if this validated it. The ghosts had been running the park a long time and become jovial. Someone had to put a stop to it.

Someone has asked me about a line of a Britney spears song. She had written the line for her beau Kevin. I said, well, I have the album. They asked me to get it. So, I was going to have to go to my room. My room was in the Starship I flew in. I sat in my chair and flew there. Arriving inside I saw [tommy] my brother there. He had been flying the ship. I asked him if he had been scanning, it was obviously rhetorical.. He said he had. I knew they were out there: the aliens.

Bullets were flying. Many on both sides of the battle were dying. Blood filled the front.

As I walked along I saw many of our human soldiers fleeing in peaceful lines. I thought they were cowardly, but honestly, no one was going to be able to win today. Fleeing was the only option. They wore blue and green uniforms. Often they just left their equiptment or ammunition in the stands. I walked through the stands and picked up some carterages. I had about 15 shots and could pick up more. I felt confident I could snipe many the aliens from the top of the bleechers. Then, I found a device I presumed they would fit into. It was a short metal handled handled piece. It looked like it was designed to be extended. I asked a nearby person to help explain how to operate it. He fired the device and it changed colors with what would be a large about of voltage. I asked him to demonstrate so he tapped it on one of the nearbye chairs. The device sent a charge into the chair disrupting a nearbystander.

I asked if he knew where any guns were which would fit the bullets. He pointed acrossed at about 5 or so riffles left abandoned. Finding a weapon to fight with would be the easy part. He began to explain something about a device he had created while loudspeakers blared in the distance. I wondered if I should listen to the loudspeakers for a hint of what to do or the man speaking. Because I was having more trouble hearing the man I plugged my ears with my fingers and concentrated on his voice.

I created an underwater breathing device to speak to the worms. It is located acrossed the way. I saw a diagram of how the worms worked as a group. The worms were excellent blockers. Worms could easily defend any position at the diagonal. The noise of the troops echoed loudly. I was not going to give up on the planet. I indeed set off to look for his device. It appeared to be in one of the doorways. I crossed the center median of the battlefront. The enemy would be at this location very soon. Additionally, The Terrain was tilted so I was going downhill. Before I could arrive at the door there was a passing train. I got on board with the hopes of jumping off when I arrived at my location. But, the train began traveling at blinding speeds. From behind me a voice spoke. Hi, Its me Molly Ringwald. I turned and surely enough a girl was sitting in the back of the train. It was a girl I had met in school (sic.) I used to know three girls and had spoken to them. So, Molly began to talk about something and then I heard someone else call to me. It was Hannah Ringwald. So, I turned a moment, but Molly hadn’t finished speaking. This was a major dilemma for me. Hannah was obviously feeling annoyed so I said, “hi, so, you’re cool”. She replied, “Oh!, you’re such a slut.” And the dream ended.

I was worried about the battlefield behind me. But, the tracks I was on lead me far from it. I hope humanity can with the battle.


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