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  You're an idiot  Dreamt: April 26th '05
Leaving the mall I turn to the guy and say, “my legs are so tired, it’s like I’m cutting off my circulation. He says to me, “you’re an idiot.” And I continue walking.

Jamie passes me on the way toward my car. I greet her, “Bon Soir Mademoiselle” fully expecting her to pass by. She stops and just stares at me for a moment. Continue, “I’m going to my car, my feet feel awful.” She says something about a dog movie.

Want to say something so I reach my hand and wave it to get her attention. . Jamie is smiling as she is talking. She coldly stops speaking and my hand withdraws. Jamie is smiling as she is talking. I believe she is talking about the “Because of Winn Dixie movie.”

Walking about the four-story mall. People were passing. Of course, there were many stores. Passed the girl who I knew from High school prayer group. I knew I had seen her before and we hadn’t talked to each other.

Do not know how to describe this: Every step I took became more difficult and every time I would I would take a step it was if I was walking n feet which were asleep. But I did not give up on moving forward.

Before this was sleeping in a room with a girl. She was cute but later said that she did not remember.

Passed Jamie. Walking across the mal She worked at an electronic store. Was delighted to see she working at new place. Kept walking toward the first floor. It was as if my legs were not getting enough blood or oxygen.

A middle-aged guy was walking next to a cute girl. The girl was wearing a mini-skirt. They were pushing a stroller. There is no more mixed signal a girl can give than that.

Leaving the mall from the bottom floor. Was going to my car… Jamie passed me…

Before that, I remember I was in the hallway of the mall walking and someone was pushing a grocery cart. They were coming up behind me. I tried to move as fast as my feet would take me. But despite that she ran her cart into me.

She drove her cart with the handling of a racecar going 20 miles per hour. Not slowing down, stopping or turning away as is customary.

After hitting me the lady was indignant. And said something. Let me tell the reader, I was not in her way.

Seeing as she just hit me I did not feel particularly motivated to move out of the way and walked a little slower.

Walked by a table, which divided the mall’s hallway in half. She went left and continues. I went right. On the table was some Runts candy spread out. Grabbed some and began chewing the candy. End of the table was a person sitting in a lawn chair with a brochure with something they planned on pitching.

Postulated walking the entire mall from top to bottom. It would have been more than my legs could have carried me.
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