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  Alien Invasion: There is this monster attacking my world  

June 23, 2005




Sat on the boat discussing with Chris what the situation was:

“There is this monster attacking my world.  In the city where I’m from there is an alien monster attacking everyone. I came to this new world.  There were blue sunsets, open seas, clouds and I see this boat.  And I got KK.  So, I told myself,  Just one hand.”

But, having left behind I ask myself, “Shall I leave the monster behind in my world to perhaps one day come here and destroy this also?”

I decide not.  And set off to return to my world.

The Card Game

On the ship is a table.  And someone is playing cards.  I like cards and decide to flip my cards.  “KK” I say to myself, “Okay just One Hand

Fly off after presumably re-raising a large amount accidentally kicking some of the chips off the side of the boat and they land somewhere out of reach.  The flop comes…

I have 3- of a kind kings. 
My opponents has “3 Queens and 3 Kings” a full house with a card to spare.  *****

I am so upset.  I start ranting at this person who happens to be female.  I say some colorful metaphors.  I feel cheated, I ask if the deck was “cut” or the cards were shuffled.  I decide I was too late and to cut my losses.  It’s time to go back anyways.

[did  you notice? In Texas Hold-em, if I have a pair of Kings in the Pocket, and the opponent ends up with a three queens and three kings full house.  The only way this is possible is if I actually have Four kings and win? I did not notice or consider this in the dream].

The flight: 

The alien was left busy doing something.  I distracted it by leaving the TV on loud in a room.  It couldn’t see.  Then, flew away towards the skyline.   

Flying over this ladies yard.  There was a single dog and a fence.  The one dog jumped the fence and kept following me and barking.  I apologized to the lady below me.  Another dog from the next fence with the previous dog both stopped at the base of a 2nd fence and waited a moment.  Then, they both lept across.  The lady gathered her dogs and I flew toward the horizon.

It was night on this side of the world.  The skyline was filled with buildings.

On the other side of the newer world was blue skies dotted in clouds.  An open sea, a shore, and a lone ship sailing in the waters.  Between the two worlds was an area where buildings and civilization stopped.  In my picture it’s just a “grey” area.  That’s just what it looked like. There was still ground, just, the buildings had ceased and the ground was plane and no grass or trees were it was completely dull and barren.

Alien Invasion

They were going from house to house, room to room exterminating us.  The feeling was that many of all humanity had died.  The problem was that the remaining humans cowered in fear in their houses.  No one had come to fight and the aliens had technologies.
No human in the room with an alien could overcome their fear and face it down.
I was in such a room.  The alien had entered, you could hear its footfalls. 
Ohhhh yeah.

When I first entered the trailer-house someone said something about “magnetic perfect reality” or something there abouts.  Immediately a tape flew out f the sky and headed toward the VCR.  For about 3 seconds the tape played “something” on the screen.  Next something else flew a crossed the room and melted into the TV set.  Objects began flying from one end of the room to the other melting into the wall like the trailer was transforming.  I asked the “mad scientist” who had arranged all this “How did you survive?”  He spoke. 

The sequence which things happened, falling of one object on another ( A tape flying a crossed the room and landing exactly in a VCR.  Pictures falling off walls, the melting of things.  All this happened in an orderly fashion as if it had been arranged.  I aloud, “this is like a Whirlbow Function.”  [here, I realize now of course I didn’t know the word I was looking for, I’ll ask Tommy when he’s awake]

The mad scientist looked at me and said, “Because they cannot hear.”  They use devices to detect motion.

Back in the room.  The scientist turned the TV on very loudly.  I thought this was a huge mistake.  But then realized.  The noise would prevent the alien from hearing or seeing us.

** The aliens used a sonar device hooked up to their heads to see **, when the scientist said, “because they cannot hear” he means, yes, they cannot hear.  But also that in hearing that they see.  I know that was unnecessarily complicated, but that’s how it happened.

Escaped the room and flew away into the night sky.

A large alien robot was attacking buildings of the city.  It was about 40 feet tall.  Its back was to me and I considered flying passed it.  “What can I do against it.?” I asked, “I don’t have any special powers and I am small.” 

I was right, I was small, about 1/10th of its size.  I faced the beast and did the only thing I could think of:   I gave the gigantic robot an uppercut.

The uppercut did not destroy the robot.  The uppercut did not anger the robot.  The upper cut did not even get the robots attention.  The robot did not even know a battle was going on.  In my mind there was.  I spent about 90 seconds “battling” it, looking for weak spots in its joints.  After a while the robot sat down and became distracted with a TV. 

[It appears that the aliens weakness was the sounds of Television despite being blind they found it soothing]

 Ceasing my opportunity to escape I flew off to the horizon…

Base ball game  must catch the 3rd strike.  Was in a baseball game.  It was a minor league one.  I

was in the outfield.  The “Problem” was that there were about 10 outfielders.  So many fielders that people had to move around to make space for me.

I settled in the area between 2nd and third and waited for the pitch.  The ball was hit a little to the left of me and the second baseman scooped it up.  “our Team” was to bat next.  It must have been quick inning.  All I remember was

2 outs, 2 strikes, man on first.  We were down by 3 runs.  The pitcher threw the ball.  The batsman swung missing and the ball ricocheted off the glove of the catcher and rolled away.  The umpire called,

“Strike 3” and the game was over.   The Umpire walked off.  I became irate.  You see, the umpire had ended the game too soon.

Baseball rules:

To me one of the craziest rules is that the catcher must make a clean catch (no dropped ball) on the third strike even if it is a called third strike or the batter swings and misses. How did this bizarre rule make its way into baseball? This rule then allows the batter who is technically out to run to first and he must then be thrown out or tagged out.
-- Brent Emery

Odd as it may seem, the batter is out "on strikes" ONLY when the third strike is legally CAUGHT by the catcher (otherwise he is NOT out). See Rule 6.05(b). This rule goes back to the early days of baseball. We are all familiar with the exception to this rule [found in Rule 6.09(b)] when 1st base is occupied with less than two out.

So, you see.  The game was not completely over.  I was angry that the umpire had not given us every chance to win the game.  Even though it was just a minor league game, and we were losing and probably lost this had angered me. 


---  Don’t leave big alien monsters in your home world to destroy it.  People often leave problems of their live behind.  The alien represents a great problem left unsolved.  While we battle it unsuccessfully it is up to us to give all we have.  If we arrive the heavens “The ocean place” and still have unresolved personal battles, I believe, then we it won’t be peaceful and the aliens will eventually get there.

This part of the dream about baseball was clearly inspired by the events of the real game I watched at 2:00 AM. 

Was 2 outs in the ninth, the team was down 4 runs.  A runner on first. 

The team did not send the runner to steal second base even though the first basemen was 10 feet off the bag.    This might have prevented a potential force out at 2nd base.  Whatever, the point was that they didn’t try their hardest to win.



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