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  Barry Bonds steps up to the plate June 2005  



Barry Bonds steps up to the plate.  Something has happened to his leg.  He is barely able to walk.  Something has happened to his leg. 

            His leg has been diagnosed like it is deterious matter.  He is feeling sad about this and trying his hardest to be a batter.

He steps out of the box without swinging at a pitch.  He walks toward the outfield and ste ? (stops/sits) [my handwriting is awful.]

Barry does his best to climb up the folds of the walls of the outfield.  Arriving at the stands he gives a high-5 to each of the fans.  He goes from person to person, kids to adults.  Some come down and put their hand on his shoulder.  After traveling a crossed the stands a bit he stops turns facing the field saying:


A ninja has been sent to kill me.  Black mask and katana and everything.  I have exactly 45 seconds before he will arrive.  I hide behind a chair next to a heater.  There is a table with a phone.  Earlier, I had used the phone to order some video game and was hoping to get it soon.  I had 40 seconds.  Who should I call?  Does it really matter?  I call my mom.


Phone home.




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