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I came upon a pool

 Dreamt: June 5th 2005

Walking the school building I came upon a pool. The pool had many children’s and peoples swimming. Hopped in and was waist deep in waters. There was a slide there someone had slid down. Was amazing interesting slide divided into multicolored sections. On either side of the slide was railings.

I gripped the railings like a gymnast on a pommel horse and climbed to the top. Instead of turning around and sliding down (which would have been fun..).

She was a police officer. She patrolled the school building.

She passed by me. She had a stack of school papers in her backpack. In the front was a page which, at the top, was graded 136%. I was quite surprised and impressed.

I had known this girl (in life). I stared at her and then re-stared.
-- Shoulder length brunette hair, cool glasses.

She was someone I had once spoken to and had conversations with in the halls of the school. I looked at her and said, “I’d like to say hello but I forgot your name.

She said, “Lydia.”

 “Hello Lydia” I ventured.

To myself, she remind me of a girl on “(Angel)” named Cordelia, “Cordelia Chase… No, not her” the other one who studdered more.

*The girl I was thinking of on was “Amy Acker” from the WB Series Angel.*
But, that wasn’t the girl from my life: It was

Began walking with this girl.

Followed her. Sifted through the pages in her backpack. (nosy eh?)

At some point I was flipping through the pages and one froze. On one page there was a name I recognized, “Jamie Perkins” and next to it a grade 105%. I reached out and took hold of the top of the page. All the pages had clumped together like stacked cards but I held on. I pulled it up and took a second look. Only, when I got it in my hands the name had changed to “some boy”.

Walked this girl to class

Speaking of the one girl who can certainly take care of herself.
Lydia retorted, “Yes, I could eat pencil shavings if I wanted to.”

I set down the eraser with the others and she sat down for her class.


Jamie. Her name on a piece of paper in a dream. I wanted to keep the page as memorabilia, that’s a little funny to me.

The girl in the dream is a girl whom I have now forgotten her name. She went to College. She smiled at me a lot, had sandy brown hair. I think she trained to be a vet or nurse. I hope she made it. More upset I forgot her name now. To think of it! Forgetting girls names, “What’s in a name?”

(Googled: Found source:)

"What's in a name? That which we call a rose
By any other word would smell as sweet."

--From Romeo and Juliet (II, ii, 1-2)

Conclusion: Dreams make you think of strange things. I don’t know any “Lydias” In Life, Nor any Video game character named Lydia. It’s a really nice name. I might name my daughter that or something.



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