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  Dad said he was going to Mississippi  

Tuesday, April 26, 2005



Dad said he was going to Mississippi and that meant if I wanted to go on the trip that’s where I’d go.  At an exit, my brother Tom called home on a Motorola V60 wireless phone.  While I walked barefooted in the cold:

 “There’s Charles,” she said.  Approached, hugging from behind. I said, “Thank you for knowing me and the attention you always give me.”

She pivoted and said, “You’re welcome” I kissed her forehead.  She returned a kiss right on the lips.  This I considered a wonderfully superior greeting.  “Hope I see you again Sally.”  Dad and I would leave to wherever we were going.  It was nice to meet someone I’d met before.

She stood at the center counter of the video store. “I’m Rowley Greeley,” she said.  She was blond:  from Kellie’s Church.  An enormous poster of Shanghai’s Knights (1#) about 6 feet tall rested nearby dominating the room.

Completely uncertain what to say or do.  Nervously shut my eyes and sat down.
I watched her with closed eyes until she left.


Only in a dream can you watch someone with closed eyes.

She kissed me; I didn’t kiss her.  ‘Rowley Greeley’ was not her name or a name I’d ever heard before.  Strange how dreams can make up stuff and try to deceive you straight faced.

Shanghai Knight’s Movie © 2003 - Touchstone Pictures - All Rights Reserved
Motorola V60 is trademark/copyright of Motorola Company.  Their phone.

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