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  Gelatinous Cube  Dreamt: January 2005
  I arrived at the desk of the Comfort Inn to ask a question. No one was there until I stood in line. Then, the line became full of impatient people behind me. The girl at the register noticed and began to help me. She had a tray of gelatinous substances. With a cheese-cutting knife she carved out a rectangular piece for me. The piece had a corner unfinished, which, I understood, would wear off over time.

All the people in line were waiting their turn but Miranda just stared at me a moment and continued. “You’re suppose to bake this a few hours,” she said. As long as I stood there she waited giving me her complete attention unwaveringly.

** Dream faded **

(Dreamt) I made a film about a blond girl. At the end, I wanted it to say, “I love you Jamie” but could not figure out hot to fit that in.
Miranda gave me her complete attention while I was with her. It’s awesome for anyone to be nice and notice you without trying too hard.



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