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  Girls dressed with a loose casualty

June 18th, 2005




Girls dressed with a loose casualty as they often do.  Know:  skirts, short shorts, belly shirts.  One in particular caught my attention.

The girl had chosen, as an accessory, to wear a white measuring tape around her waist.  The purpose of this was to show exactly how thin she was.  I though it was clever, objectifying, and very truthful at the same time.

Sat in the back seat of the movie theatre.  The movie was supposed to be Batman but a mascot of Scooby Doo entered through the door.  I do believe that he was meant to be the villain of the movie.  I was sitting next to some really cute girls.  The chairs started to move like it was on tracks until we were seated toward the center of the theatre.  I believe the purpose of this was to arrange people in the theater from back to front.

/TM  Scooby Doo is a Trademark of Hanna Barbara.
  MORAL/CONCLUSIONS:  Don't do drugs.  



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