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  Got a look at Camille's transcript  Dreamt: October 27th 2005
  I got a look at Camille’s transcript for college. What immediately catches the eye is that there are only 7 classes listed.
                          ….. A

English Writing and Speaking 8 hrs. A

Mathematics 8 hrs   . A

Medalogy 66 hrs      A

                        ….. A

                         ….. A

A single course in ‘medalogy’ was worth 66 hours. I was shocked. Thinking, ‘I know the class must be hard to prepare for, but, sixty six hours for a single class is a little unfair.’

To boot, beside all 7 classes was the letter “A”. I wanted to meet Camille. I continued my walk to McDonald’s. Walking along, I made a large leap into the air. One a video game character might make of about thirty feet. I came down barely clipping the shoulder of my youngest brother Eric. I think, “If I landed a foot to the right I might have crushed him”, someone gives me a concerned look. ––– Dream fades ––––

Eric and Aaron Bloodworth
[Youngest 2 (of 3) brothers]

    It’s helpful to know, Charles’ APSU University graduating transcript is five pages long spanning seven years. I got every grade possible many times.

The question whether Charles is jealous of, or impressed with Camille: The answer is yes. ‘Medalogy’ – study of Medicine. In Google only two entries for Medalogy exist; one for the Powder Medalogy --- No member companies in this category. [not a real word; but is alike ‘medical-logy’].



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