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  A Hollywood party Dreamt: March, 2005



Paris Hilton in a fishnet shirt kissing girls and boys alike.  The cast of Moulin Rouge sits nearby in black and sequin.  Artistically, the women dressed themselves in a way which if you wanted to sleep with them: They succeeded.

Everyone was leaving.  A girl playing Nichole Kidman’s part in the Movie said, “hello” to me.  In a sea of silicone and plastic surgery adjustments was forced to make a snap decision:  Considered whatever brings you closer to perfection is a good thing.

[The page with the dream written on it is ripped.  It was in the back pocket of the washing machine and pieces were lost. Will continue where left off]

… to do with Daphne.

Hilary Duff’s CD song played at 2/3rds normal speed in the background of Charlesland

Let the rains fall down, and wake my dreams,

Let it wash away my sanity


Something [about] what Chris Brown was saying was serious and some was not.  …

Considered joining a rap band.  People would use really tall ladders to be seen, heard and respected.  Rappers however had taken the height of their ladders to a dangerous extreme.


For the CharlesLand “radio” To be playing Hilary Duff’s, “Let the rains fall down and wake my dreams is the pinnacle of poetic license.
Like Paris Hilton.  Being on the stage of Moulin Rouge was interesting. 

Spooky creepy cool-- Recording this dream like 2 months after it was written.  Like said, it was stuck in back of pocket of some dress jeans I’d wore for a wedding.  Looking for pics of Paris typing, “official Paris Hilton website” got the House of Wax movie website.

Let me spell it out.  Dreamed Paris was in a room full of plastic people two months before I knew about her movie, which feature actors turning into wax.  That’s just weird.  I have a lot of “Paris Hilton” thoughts and quotes. 

I think Paris Hilton is very real real and at the same time ephemeral. Maybe she can enter a room pass through and leave and never really being spiritually there.  Meaning she's not a faker, but she's equally difficult to get to know.

Paris Hilton's Picture And House of Wax are Warner Brother's copyright from their website.

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