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  House spilt in two  Dreamt: December 15 2005
  ** Draw a picture of the house as it looked like split in two. **

Dreamt that our house was split in two by a flood. It was as if a river had formed and was washing everyone in our house and everyone along the route along with it. It was a few moments downstream which I saw my parents.

We were worried for the youngest brother of the family. On short notice we didnít know if he could swim. Obviously, some had died from the flood. After a short frantic search I saw a child floating in the water. I reached out my hand to pick him up but this had the effect of dunking him into the water even more. I lifted him up showed him to my parents and we were all happy.

I wondered if my grandparents were doing okay from the flood.
Hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans this year



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