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  It was one of those times:

Thursday, May 26, 2005




 It was 01 01 2001  16:41 Pm.

 It had already begun.

 Was sitting in a classroom with other students was watching a TV special on VCR on how things had come to this.

Each time history played out we had to make the same decisions.  Would we join Hitler or the other side?  We are sure “God” is on the side of those not murdering and attacking other nations.  But, had we fully considered if we were wrong?  And perhaps, if so, why was history repeating itself over and over if we were right?

The family had come into some monies.  The chest the family has stolen was sold to Adolph Hitler for several large stacks of green dollars.  The “family” had never looked inside the chest and never is it known the contents of the box.  Only that stacks and stacks of monies had changed hands. 

One might expect (including me in the dream) for rows of Germen soldiers with automatic weapons to come in and kill the family after receiving the monies:  But, this did not happen.  Instead, only ghost-peoples stood wailing about the gates of the house.*

The war was to begin in Switzerland.  At the Cathedral there was a cross in gold with a golden figure of a man in golden robes there.  Normally this would be a sanctuary for humanity but something was different this night.

Clerics and men walked passed the normally pacific church.


Ghosts were also appearing from behind them.  They were apparitions wailing and giving hints of what the future would hold.

Imagine what the holocaust victims would say as unhappy spirits of the beyond:  Misshapen and rag-a-dy ghosts in beaten clothes.  Their words could not be made out:  They spoke in odd fragments of a different language but their intent was clear.  Disaster was upon us very soon.

The light, which was a fixture above the cross of Rouen made a poof and went out.  War would be very soon.



Everyone thinks God is on their side in war.  Assuming this includes the Germans in World War II.  How men justified “God” Being on their side would make a wondrous thesis paper for some University Student.  Additionally, knowing why people think “God” is on their side would also be a key to understanding how they see the world’s perspective.  Perfect for understanding our fellow man this knowledge would be (mmm? *yoda*)

-1 If God is in my dreams I’ll often put him in Quotation marks (“God”) meaning its meant to represent God.  I hope he enjoys his representation.

(DEAD LIKE ME!), at 4:00 AM night before I was surfing websites on “Dead Like Me” a ShowTime series about a girl who sees dead people.  This might have inspired some of the above.   



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