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  Late Homework  Dreamt: March 2005?



Late Homework:
March 2005?

Im trying to complete my late homework for the day during Mathematics class.  There are students in class with me.  My problem solving is going very slowly.  I spend about two dream minutes and only complete two or three questions.  The teacher writes symbols on the board.

A dog, which has been sitting nearby me, jumps up on my desk spilling my Mountain Dew all over.  I begin to reach for towels, papers, and rags to clean it up.

I am too old for the class.  Its about the 8th grade [I am 27].  Im trying to make up the class I hadnt done well in.  Because I feel older I believe Im entitled to have soft drinks, but Im concerned that the dogs spilling the soda will jeopardize this.

Its a common theme in which I revisit my old schools.  My time in school is clearly the happiest moments of my life.  Id kind of like to back know what I know not and just enjoy it like I did the first time.  I guess I should enjoy today too, but I dont have as many friends and interesting things to learn and do with my days this year.

March 2005 [??]  Amend 2006: (Undated, but I wrote I am 27 while awake)



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