Date Dreamt: Return to Dreams of 2005.
  Rockets and Skylines May 6th, 2005



Storms were blowing shaking the hull of the space shuttle.  The sky was torrent and reckless.  Dark black and navy blue streaks tore each other to sunders battling for control of the skyline.  Winds whipped and blew.

And I was in the top of a space rocket ship.  Fear gripped me.  I didn’t know where to go and what to do. 

I fell into darkness.  My conscious mind drifted into nothingness.  The dream died for a moment or I had within it.  Winds caught me from underneath and blew me back up toward the top of the shuttle.  This did not help the situation.  I took the elevator to the bottom of the shuttle and looked outside.  The shuttle was being beaten by the winds but did not fall over.  Many people were around looking for shelter. 
*** First Dream Fades.  ***




:   Rocket to Heaven?  Armageddon.  I don’t feel like writing a moral right now. 

May 6, 2005.  The silhouette in the picture was “accidental art” and it rocks.

Conclusion B:  Its 4 days later I’m compiling this dream.  I realize something:  I never considered actually launching the space shuttle into outer space.  From the hindsight it seems the most ordinary and reasonable thing to do to escape the terror of the situation.

Never been to “Space” In Charlesland, I wonder what its like.





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