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  Title:  B-   Movie.   Dreamt: January 5th 2005

 Watching a B-minus movie: Oil riggers are drilling into the Earth.  A male scientist is explaining to a group of elementary school children the many layers of the lithosphere:  He himself had drilled to the Jurassic he said.

 The scientist said, “Oh here, the Trilobitum.”  (sic)
Watching the movie, you’d get the feeling very soon you’d be running from large dinosaurs:

 Annoyed patrons in the theater got up from their seats to the left and right of me.  I remained to finish the film.


              Dawn on a Sunday.  The entire neighborhood gathered for a Football game.  About fifty people on the field entirely more than the usual eleven players for each side. 

The lone black quarterback was looking about for someone to pass the ball to.  He wandered around the pocket for ten seconds.  I choose to ignore the game and walk bye.

             I began, with inspiration from the game, to run.  Running was difficult.  It is as if my legs had atrophied.  When running, it was as if blood would not travel to my legs.  I took several fatigue filled steps until…

 * Dream fades *




 -         Assuagement of society – When I passed the entire town playing football, I just passed bye.  Yet, when people in the theatre were leaving: I stayed.

-         Interest in athletics.  I cannot help but feel the “Charlesian way” involves movement in an athletic manner.  I believe my life should be connected to being physically active: Walking, running, and sports.  At present it is not.


-         Often, in my dreams, I’m trying to be the athlete, which I am not in life.




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