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So, today is Thursday.


Thursday June 2nd 2005.



So, today is Thursday.

Thursday June 2nd 2005.

Storms of thunder and lightning crashed.  Clouds gathered and a duck leapt on a cloud and danced there for a moment. 

I saw: 

I was seeing trees passing on either side of me as I stood with my brother.  I asked him if I was dreaming because I saw something impossible to see standing still.

[Picture standing completely still on an interstate and the trees are passing by as if you are moving]

I knew I was dreaming in the dream.  Yet, believed in the dreamer dreamt. (Poetry)

“I was here before wasn’t I?” I had said as I sat in the mall earlier that day.  In my dream, I was at the mall.  There was a store, which Martin Sergeant from Unscrewed was speaking about.  He spoke, “Sometimes you become sad and things aren’t well, and you Mb. and then…”

 He paused and I awaited some wisdom from him. 

He concluded, “The Study Master (book store) is still opened.”

* Dream Fades *



Sometimes, when hope leaves you someone from the past comes to help you out.

I took what he was saying about a book store to mean, No matter how sad or messed up your life is, you can still go to the Book Store and read a book: Specifically a school book.  Being myself unemployed he was offering a simple way to improve my life.




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