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  Spiders and Stars  Dreamt: April 24, 2005



Tickets were going on sale for a show that was going to happen later on that day.

Was in the commons areas of an enclosed place at APSU.  Looked at the ticket lady and decided it wasn’t a big deal.  I would be able to buy tickets later and no one else is going to see.

That day I searched for the two students whose projects had been on the strange formations around the University campus.  The students had discovered a natural phenomenon with sunlight on the sides of certain hills.  Arranging ropes on the side of a hill would cause the ropes to change colors in a gradient fashion.

As seen here:

The rope’s color gradients would change continuously over time.  The color of the rope would alter like litmus paper the longer you kept it on the side of the hill.   They would change from red to blue to yellow to orange. 

The students would cut and change the direction of the ropes at certain points when they had completed changing colors.    After the rope stopped changing colors they would chop the rope and head a new piece of rope in a new direction.  This changing direction would create shapes and patterns.

One student claimed he had completed a “Perfection” or a complete work.  He felt the shape he had created on the side of the hill perfectly represented the phenomenon of the sunlight.

Strong disagreement swept me.  In my opinion, the students had rushed and had not waited until the sunlight had completely burned its ray to the full range of colors for each rope.  To me, ropes color change only incompletely. As a result of their haste of this the shape should have been much larger and possibly a different design altogether.

Continued searching for someone who had worked on the research project to tell them my thoughts.  But, returning to the auditorium where the scientists were to give their presentation found all the tickets had been sold out.  Dismayed, said to the nearest person, “it didn’t look like it was going to be full, no one was buying tickets.”  The person agreed.

As chance would have it, one of the two scientists was passing by and stopped to talk to me.

The scientist rambled on insisting he had indeed achieved ‘perfection’.  When he stopped babbling I was going to interrupt him to explain his haste.  But this never happened…

Imagine a flurry of images passing in front of your eyes:  A cartoon character was scene in the last frame.

The cartoon went as follows: A guy is standing around and suddenly a girl appears next to him.

“At least she’s not a raven.” The man says sarcastically.  Moments pass by and suddenly she becomes a large purple raven.  The guy gives a bellowing sound, “Aww.” 

 The raven becomes wrapped up on a spitfire and cooked.  Next, a spider comes along and eats the raven off the spitfire.  It eats the bird by spinning it on the spitfire until all that is left is a few morsels and an empty stake.


After this, the cartoon spider becomes real and begins to entangle my foot.  It covers webs upon my foot until I feel paralyzed and helpless.

(Looking back on this series of moments I should have squished the spider with my other foot or my hand.  The problem was I felt that if the spider saw me move my other foot or hand it would bite me quite hard and that would be very painful.)

 The spider is looking for something it lost.  “It must be here.” The spider says.  It was just here.

A vision of the back of the spider’s head opens up revealing what was once there.  It was disgusting and fearsome sight.  I didn’t move hoping the spider would find what it was looking for on my foot.  It lifted and looked under my toenails and from toe to toe.

*** The dream didn’t fade so much as I woke up and immediately wiggled my feet to remove whatever imaginary spiders were bothering my feet ***

Moral:  Conclusions:

Don’t wish girls to become ravens.


The spider was a vicious monster in my dream.  It intimidated me despite its size it was able to completely incapacitate.   As noted if I tried to remove the spider it would have had a chance to make a large bite into my foot, which would have been painful. 

The short-term pain of a large spider bite prevented me from avoiding the long term two or more minutes or so that the spider troubled my feet.

Many things in our lives, which are small, issue that keep us from doing something or being something.  I think one lesson could be to just squish the bug and move on.

Familiar themes:  Monsters



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