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  The Ban Jovi experience  Dreamt: June 18th '05
  The BanJovi [Pronounced Bon Ja-VIE] experience.

How do I write a screenplay? I asked the very pretty secretary. She was the ‘stripper’ on the Howard Stern show from the previous knight but I didn’t recognize that at the time.

I need some screenplay paper.

She seemed baffled by the question.

The question I had asked myself as I went down Hollywood boulevard was “how do I print my screenplay. I had the idea, the script in my head. I just needed to get it down on paper. I was on Hollywood road so I said aloud,

“I’ll just go to one of those fake Hollywood talent agencies or publishers. They must have some “screenplay paper” or “script paper” where they put scripts on.

“Even notebook paper would do” I said.

Well, she showed me some paper which was divided like a calendar into squares with some things written in every day. It was indeed a screenplay but I didn’t visualize myself writing in this fashion.

A - ) 200 Something Street. J-Lo says in one of her songs or an interview that she spends time on “200 something street. “I don’t believe it.” Says the girl.

I was interviewing a completely random person on the street. This is very common in “Hollywood” People are quite used to being picked off and asked their opinion.

“The street is several miles long it’s a grueling walk.” She continued.
“I own a place at “Such and such” address on “Something street.”.

This information surprised me. You “OWN!” A place down the road here on “200 something street” I asked, “Yes” she said. I thought this made her quite the independent person. I asked, “so you must have a great job”. Yes, she replied.

The exposé had been about how Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore had hooked up just to sell movies. It was a brutal expose. In the present time it was Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes who had a very secret contract to sell movies as well. One actress suggested that is was something like prostitiution. Robert Edgbert had spoken out about this on her show.

Here was the only quote he’s made since. His final quote: “I made a comment about that and she [Demi] sent her guys to beat me up.” He had indeed been missing from the show and when he did arrive had a red bruised jaw line. This concerned me that mafia-style violence was allowed to continue in the public eye. Therefore I was concerned to write my piece….

(The Hollywood party) Jacket, stripping out of it running in private neighborhood).

I was in a Hollywood party wearing a full tuxedo. There was orderves and caviar, and classical music playing. The suit I was wearing was somewhat tight so I un-did the collar and since the party was almost over I began running. I ran up the hill in dress shoes and my tuxedo. I was somewhat concerned that if I ran I would eventually smell from the odor of my own sweat from wearing all the fabric.

I felt I would be seen as something different being not stuck up enough to run up a hill in a suit. Running was something I always did but for this crowd it would have been seen as a faux pas.

I got to the chain gate and simply hopped over. There was a lady In a modest uniform sitting on a park bench on the other side. I should mention that the roads are paved in bricks and make a circular pattern. She asked me, “where are you going?/what are you doing”. She did this remaining seated and in a conversational tone.

After saying, “I’m just taking a walk” she replied, “you don’t just take walks here this is (private). Like I was walking on a private island where there WERE no places to freely walk. I said, “Okay” but somewhat ignored her not going to interrupt my walk just because an old lady asked.

The sky turned dark. Permitted me for a moment to sketch what the painting would look like there is no other way to describe this.:

I was on a passing by train. The city was spinning on a ferris wheel while the thunder clapped about it. The sky became tumultuous. There was a gothic feeling to the architecture and many of the cities buildings had statues and tall spires. The thunder seemed to clap around the base of the city but was building up toward the peoples proper.

On this train were some vampires. You can tell a vampire from a normal person because their face is slightly a bluish purple. I could tell I was in one of those situations where vampires are taking over the world. I say to one of them, “I have an invisible vampire shield.”
I continue, Yes, It’s a vampire shield tied to a sensor, which is always on and if you attempt to bite me will [be painful forever and …All I remember is that it ends with a scene of a vampire in a supply closet and an explosion.

The vampires seem to catch on and decide to not bite me at all.

Walking the streets of downtown at night. Its quiet and the sky is black and the streets are grey. It begins to rain. [in all honesty, even in my own dreams I’m really beginning to become frustrated with all the rain. It always seems to appear to ruin whatever I’m doing.] Basically, being downtown, it’s about 10 miles from my house. But, I decide that I don’t care that its raining and walk undaunted and soaking wet.

A Bus goes by. But checking my pockets I have no change. But after about 3 or four “cars” [like train cars] of the bus go bye the very last one has a small sign with a “zero” on it. Indicating that it is the free bus car. The bus was passing bye so quickly though that it was passed me before I could get in. I said to myself, “Its going toward downtown and will have to come all the way back. I’ll keep walking.

• Finding myself in the bus spontaneously without noticing the change of scene. A guy, me, and two girls are in the back of the bus. The girls intended to make out when the bus got going. It was like a bed and there were blankets. They started removing their clothing and making out. The female conductor was walking down the side of the bus and was coming soon. We had to do something to cover up the girls. We threw the blankets over them like they were sleeping.

I was with a

I’m at home listening to my FM Radio.

C - ) The Lesbian Radio

On the AM station of my transistor radio I heard a muffled voice speaking to me. I listen to ‘him’ and he tells me to come over and work on some music with him.
It sounds like my friend. The voice is in fact my elderly grandmother. She is the one who leads me on the adventure on the bus.

D - ) Walking down the street that you live.

I’m walking down the street. A gentlemen in a 1950s hat is singing “Walking down the street where she lives” for the very first time. It is this situation which will be in the movies later.

The entire dream seems to happen on the set of Holllywood. The “walking down the street where you live song is in black, white, and yellow.” The party is in hollywood. The girls kissing is such.

I’m bored writing. I think the point was I wanted to publish my dreams as a movie script or something. I think they’re trying to be published. Sheesh.
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