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  TITLE:  Wednesday and Thursday Dreams:  May 11th, May 12th.
 Dreamt: May 11th, May 12th 2005



Late for a test I had not taken and had not prepared for.  It was a history exam.  I had not read the chapters.  Passing the course did not look good because a student who had studied had made a poor grade.

Could visualize the book was suppose to read.

The teacher was going out of her way to get me into this class.  I had signed up for this class however I don’t believe I had attended this particular class a single time the beginning of the semester.

– Dream Fades -- May 11th

Looked out the window of the automobile I was riding in with my Dad and family.  Trepidation:

A sky storm ripped into the skyline in such a way it appeared the sky was bleeding purple.

Was frightened and worried.  Looked at my father demanding, “Tell me something I don’t know about.”  He thought for a moment making facial gestures but did not respond.  This did not quell my apprehensions about being in danger.

– Dream fades –  May 12th, 2005


Part I about the test:  There is this latent dream imagination that I will one day be allowed to return to my old schools:  6th grade, 8th grade, even High school..  I dream about this a handful of times.  Very often I am under prepared for the course work and the teachers will often recognize that I am out of place; yet allow me to stay.  I feel I belong there in school.  Elementary school was some of the happiest moments of life.  In school I had a place in the world, friends, and learning.

(Dad) “Tell me something I don’t know about.” I was unsure if I was in a dream or not.  Only way I felt sure I was in reality [I felt I was] was to ask my father to tell me something I didn’t know.  The world looked and felt real enough and despite the fact that he didn’t think of anything I did feel any safer.  The sky was ripping opened before my eyes and seeing is believing.  



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