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  We were Bowling  Dreamt: May 5th 2005
We’re bowling. Not bowling, more we are throwing something down a long alley at a certain point after commentator says to. We have like milk jugs of water. The one who tosses it the hardest wins. She and I have won the last two competitions. At the end of the alley is a painting like toward an alternative dimension. I toss my object down the lane with great force.

After this, we go outside to the next competition. I won the bowling contest but she had won the one before it and we were tied.

On a staircase thinking aloud, “its funny, when she’s there. I drop whatever I’m doing. Like, if I’m with another girl and she comes by: ‘Oh it’s Jamie!’” And my attention for everything else should evanescence.

Outside, the next contest is Chess vs. my friend Chris Brown. Our Chess position: Both our pawns would queen easily on the Chessboard. But, all my black pieces were more advanced on the board. I felt my chances of winning were very good.

The board morphed into a multi-player game. The pieces stagnated and lost the ability to promote. It had become a game of territory. Other players of different color pieces began to join filling up the space on the board left vacant by Chris & my pieces. The board filled until our forces were in the minority. Despite being outnumbered my forces goal was focused simply on making sure Chris did not win.

Next, I got a technology upgrade. All the planetary stations had built star gate drives. This way troops from any sector could instantly defend an attacker from anywhere. This would not help me win but certainly last longer if another computer player invaded my territory.

After that, I turned to the political screen. Sent some credits to bribe the Green government to lower relations with Chris’ blue pieces. This would make them more likely to attack. Put 3 credits into this venture. The result of this was the enemy became neutral to Chris’ forces. Hoped this would be enough for them to choose to attack his forces at the first opportunity.

The game ended though: A pop-up appeared, “A race found the three artifacts: Antarian eggs”. The screen asked, “Would you like to continue or Game over”

Me? I wanted to continue and see whether Chris or I would win the fight on the board.
Note- In “Masters of Orion 3” the videogame which obviously inspired this section of the dreaming one may win the game by finding three clues about the origin of the Antarian civilization. The alien Antarian civilization was destroyed a long time ago.

The next part is a military montage.

The soldier arrives at a field medic who is kneeling over a patient. The soldier is late and the medic needed him earlier. Basically the premise of this story is you play multiple characters over short missions. Very often your character will die sooner then you’d expect and like a game. My dream would follow one character for a while, they would die or succeed. As you play you are uncertain whether each role is leading to final victory. * * *

The war is over. Aliens have won the day. The last human base on the hill is overrun. One of the aliens exits the base alone to attack the human jeep which is driving away helplessly. The entire planet is completely over-run. The soldiers know they are going to die, there is no true escape. But, despite the unpleasantness of this, they drive away from the enormous attacking alien.

What the alien did not see and what for the humans must be a small sense of humor was the even larger chicken-looking alien looming in hiding nearby. The alien-bird snatched the (blue) invading alien in its beak and began tearing it to shreds. The humans drive off into the distance trying to delay their certain fate…
** Dream fades. **



Key Phrases:

“Despite being outnumbered my forces goal was focused simply on making sure Chris did not win.” Perhaps a failure complex. When you lose a lot in games you often try to make secondary attainable goals. If you cannot succeed still having goals is what people often do.

“The soldiers know they are going to die” Common theme of Charlesland. The state of mind for the soldiers is fated doom in an absolute.

Masters of Orion 3 is copyright of Microsoft.




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