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  Wisp in the Winds July 10, 2005  



The storm was blowing and winds picking up.  Walking the streets of downtown Clarksville.  The biggest concern was that if blown too far would end up in the Red river.  Hid behind buildings between each gust.  Walked passed my fathers office next to the courthouse (s.i.c.). 

Walked through a parking lot the storm picked up behind.  Blown forward.  Grasping at street lamps and holding them for a few moments would slow me down a bit.  For about half a second the scene would pause, and then speed up to about 30 miles per hour. 

Imagine the transition between speeds and complete stopping.  The world moves quickly beneath your feet and the lines with it, then for a few moments everything refocuses.  Can be magnificent to see.



Flying crossed the surface of the Earth is fun.  Highly recommended if it can be done without risk to life and limbs. 

Heard hurricane “Dennis” was crossing Pensacola Florida today long after I woke up. 
Moral could be:  natural storms are valuable life experiences and unkind destroyers. 

Howbeit, hope everything goes well for everyone Florida


---- Charles Jr.




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