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  Title:  Wolf was stalking our farm.  Dreamt: Dec 18th 2005

A wolf was stalking our farm. The cows and goats and sheep were all moving about frantically. Some animals were convulsing wildly.

I began placing bullet cartridges into a pistol. The wolf approached my family with a steady pace until it stood eight feet away. I handed the loaded pistol to my father.

I yelled out, “Aim!” and my father fired a shot. The pistol appeared to be pointed directly at the animal. Strangely, the wolf was not harmed nor advanced any further.

Dad fired a second shot which punctured the wolf directly between the eyes. Blood flowed out of the animal like ketchup. The stream of blood pooled out onto the ground.

The weakened animal fell down. It tried one last time to get up a moment and took a few more steps. At last, it closed its eyes and died.

Moral: Aim. Sometimes you have to shoot twice.




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