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Dreams of Charlesland 2005  


Rockets and Skylines
May 6th, 2005

Late Homework
March 2005?

Tommy, do you know what the stigmata is?
June 25, 2005

Hollywood Party
March, 2005
Spiders and Stars
April 24, 2005
So, today is Thursday
June 2nd, 2005

Girls dressed with a loose casualty 
June 18th, 2005

Wisps in the Winds
July 10th, 2005
It was one of those times:
Thursday, May 26, 2005
Wednesday and Thursday
May 12th 2005

Alien Invasion: Monster attacking June 23rd 2005

Barry Bonds steps up to the plate
Monday, June 13, 2005

We were Bowling
May 5th 2005

Dad said he was going to Mississippi
April 25 2005

A soldier on war front is dying
August 15, 2005
I came upon a pool
June 5th 2005
Carnival Britney April 22nd 2005 Chutes and Ladders  May 5th 2005
Climbing the roof at Sears April 27th 2005 Does the army of Saddam Hussein smoke? Dec 12th 2005 My dreams are Thanatos until she appears
 January 8th 2005
My tears grown cold
July 15th 2005
The Baptism
August 2005
Driving Along with John Madden
Jan 9th 2005
Gelatinous Cube
January 2005
Goldie Locks
August 25th 2005
Got a look at Camille's transcript
October 27th 2005
Group on the edge of the mountain
June 5th 2005
House spilt in two
December 15th 2005
How do Hopi make that lovely Pottery?
March 12th 2005
Hydraulic Chess Board
October 2005
In a large auditorium again
June 22nd 2005
In a large massive auditorium
June 30th 2005
In a Military Training Vehicle
February 2005
It begins in a store
May 17th 2005
It is every one hundred years
July 13, 2005
It was the last ninety seconds
December 2005

I went to see her January 1st 2005

Jury of Michael Jackson
June 10th, 2005

Lone traveler wandering Dec 24th 2005

Miranda, ticketeer of a movie theatre
Aug 23 2005
My dreams keep killing me
April 4th 2005
No one alike needs to hunt to stay solid hunters
Dec 20th 2005
On a bus
January 2005
Onto the interstate
May 5th 2005
Origins of Computers
May 18th 2005
She was whispering January 5th 2005 Skip dreams,
the Big City
June 15 2005.
Spiders and Stairs
April 28th 2005
Teetering on the Edge of Collapse Early 2005 That's where you could best see pretty girls sing
July 20th 2005
The Ban Jovi experience June 18th 2005 The game had cost $150 on Ebay
June 18th 2005
Till Death do us Part
March 27th 2005
Ultima Online and Stormy Weather
Feb 17th 2005
Ultima Online Origins
March 4th 2005
Wandering my dreamland
Feb 9th 2005
War was upon us
Sept 21st 2005
Wolf was stalking our farm
Dec 18th 2005
Wrong War Wrong Place Wrong Time
Dec 7th 2005
You're an idiot
April 26th 2005
Leaving Wal-Mart
July 16th 2005
Let me begin by saying ...
September 6th 2005
B- Minus Movie
January 5th 2005
She wore a black dress
May 2nd 2005
Someone had built a train
July 1st 2005
Stood in front of the class May 6th 2005 Walking the halls of my old High School
July 25th 2005


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